BU: some things all freshmen should know

Inspired by brakes-on   and her post (a love letter to incoming bu freshmen)

Some things all freshmen should know…

  1. Free stuff!  Stock up in the beginning of the year.  I plan on grabbing as much as I can this year, too.  They give a ton of stuff away in the beginning of the year, and only handfuls of things as the year progresses.  Make sure you cash in on at least the beginning!  Seriously, sometimes they give coupons for free pizza which you will use, especially during finals week.
  2. You might be best friends with your floor.  Or you might just be acquaintances.  Don’t feel bad either way.  I wasn’t huge friends with everyone on my floor, but I made tons of friends on different floors and in West as well.
  3. If you live in warren in view of the other tower, be aware that other people can see.  Not only are naked people abundant, you see a lot of other…activities…that are really meant to be private, if you know what I mean.
  4. Living on a specialty floor is fine.  I’ve never heard anyone complain about it, but I’ve never heard anyone regret not choosing to live there, either.  It’s your choice.
  5. If you live on the 8th floor and down, take the stairs, especially if there’s a crowd.  I lived on the 18th floor, and I would give people stare downs filled with hate.  Even the 9th floor was a little iffy
  6. If you know someone with an apartment that has a view of the marathon, party with them.  That’s what I did, so I got to stay cool, hang with friends, and watch the marathon
  7. The T does not run past 12:30… But if you’re still on campus, you can take the BU Shuttle (also called the BUS).  It will be taking the South route, so don’t be scared/surprised, there’s a stop right across from Warren and it still stops at West.
  8. There’s internet all over campus, but sometimes it gets slow in the dorms.  I had an Ethernet cable just in case that ever happened.  They sell them at the IT desk in the library for $5 in the beginning of the year.
  9. Keep tabs on money.  It’s easy to spend a lot more than you planned to on or off campus.  By second semester I forced myself to always use dining points on campus, and only treat myself here and there off campus. This year I’m going to start making/using a budget, I suggest you try it if you think it’ll be hard to save.
  10. Ingalls is a great place to go for printing and studying.  I got bored after first semester, though.  Explore campus, and ask around, there are tons of secret studying places that you can use.
  11. Late night will be the best thing ever.  Unless you work there, like I did.  I worked every station, and let me tell you we hated making chimmichangas and wings.  Especially if we’re busy.  If you’re going to order them, don’t leave, cause there’s nothing worse for us than making this whole elaborate meal, and then having to look for you afterwards.  Making milkshakes was cool, though.  Didn’t take too much effort, just a lot of stirring.
  12. No juice tastes the same on campus.  I’ve worked there, so I know it’s all watered down crap.  Get the bottled kind if you’re really craving something good.
  13. If you’re going to a party, don’t go with a group larger than 3.  4 is pushing it, and 5 is no.  And try to keep the guy ratio low, that’s a sure way of not getting in at all.
  14. Explore Boston when you first get to school.  You have a whole week before classes start, and afterwards you usually have too much work to really go out that often.
  15. I never took CH101 but I’ve heard the stories.  I feel bad for everyone who has to go through that ><
  16. Make upperclassmen friends!  Seriously, they guide you so much and give you tips/tricks that you would not know of otherwise.  An easy way to do that is join clubs.  There are a million on campus.  At least go once and see how you feel about it.  No one is going to hunt you down and force you to go if you don’t like it.  I was surprised at the clubs I joined, and now I’m on the executive board of one :3
  17. People rave about FYSOP.  If you do it, you’ll like it, if not, no huge loss there.
  18. I wanted a TV so bad!  But then I found Netflix and Hulu, so I didn’t care anymore.  It’s your preference, on that front.
  19. People here dress nice all the time.  I hated it.  I dressed up in the beginning, then I joined the track team and wore sweats the rest of the year.  It’s your choice what you wear.  At one point later in the year, I wore jeans, and everyone complimented me on dressing up LoL
  20. If you’re going to the dining hall, wear whatever.  No one cares.  I’ve seen people in footy pajamas doing their own thing.
  21. I split the cost of the microfridge with my roommate, and that worked nicely for us.  It’s nice having it in your room to save food, cool drinks down, and to warm things up.  It means you had to leave your room less if you didn’t feel like going out.
  22. Try to do laundry at the oddest hours possible.  If you’re free a Friday or Saturday night, do it then, because usually people are out partying and the machines are free.
  23. RAIN GEAR WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!  Bring at least 2 umbrellas; one is definitely going to break.  And invest in rainboots! 
  24. If it’s quiet enough, and your window is open, you can hear your neighbors talking in Warren (their window has to be open, too).  You’ve been warned.
  25. If you need an extension on a paper (and have/can think up a good excuse in why you should get one), ASK!  I traveled for track all second semester, so I needed extensions on all my papers.  I got all of them.  It also help if you have a nice professor.
  26. Speaking of nice professor, look up your professors on ratemyprofessors.com.  When signing up for classes it helps a lot to know who gives a lot of homework, who helps the most, etc.  This is also where knowing upperclassmen friends come in handy.  They have old notes, good advice on who to take, and which classes are better to take in the summer.
  27. If you need plates, forks, etc – just take them from the dining hall.  Don’t take stacks of things, though, they take notice and you get put on the wall of shame.  Same goes with food.
  28. Learn to take the BUS, even if you don’t live in West.  Even if it gets crowded, there’s always a way on.  I used to always miss it, but soon learned what time to leave my room, when rush hours were, and how to push my way through the crowd.
  29. You can, and will use your dining points at domino’s.  sometimes even papa gino’s, but not often.
  30. You can use dining points in the GSU, including the Starbucks.  There is also a Starbucks and mini café in SMG where dining points are accepted.  You can’t use them at Subway or the Starbucks next to it, though.
  31. On the T going to West, don’t get off at the West stop.  Get off at the one right after that.
  32. Bring Tupperware, but try not to get caught with it. 
  33. BU has specialty food nights.  One of the first ones is Lobster Night!  Get there early, lines are ridiculously long for some of these. 
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